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  • Bad Company4:20
  • A Dead Man's Words6:35
  • Boom3:08
  • Cowboys From Hell4:35
  • Metallica-Seek and Destroy6:55
  • One6:05
  • 4:14
  • Death Before Dishonor3:54
  • Dope2:33
  • Let The bodies hit the floor!3:24
  • Get Out Alive4:22


At Florida Response and Disaster Services, we've combined  training to include LEO, Military, Paramedic, Swat Team tactics to be able to provide a wide range of services. We train once a month in all areas listed above to be able to accommodate any situation and meet any challenge put before us to provide for the citizens and state of Florida.


Florida Response Unit And Disaster Services in Bell

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Florida Response and Disaster Services is based in Florida. We are dedicated to protecting and assisting our citizens from natural or man made disasters. We support our military , LEO'S and Fire/EMS. We support and will defend our Constitution of the United States of America. Against all enemies foreign and domestic.

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